Friday, May 24, 2013

1920s Wedding Fashion

Here is our very last 1920s wedding inspiration, and we've save the best for last - fashion!

Drop it like it's hot! 
From the wedding of Paulina and Hilton  | Casey Jane Photography
The 1920s are known for their cool-cat styling. That baggy, long look you think you know is a result of the drop-waisted style that elongates the torso. 

Beady Buzz 
Photo: Villa Collezione via Flickr
To match those dropped waists you need some length bling to stay styling. Think about some faux, or even real, pearls to get that 1920s look. 

Get the low down 
From the wedding of Paulina and Hilton  | Casey Jane Photography
Really let your dress do the talking with a dipped back. No matter how low you go, you'll be sending off those vintage vibes.

Detail Savvy
LeLuxe Clothing
Glass beads and sequined decorated gowns are sure to go down a real treat, intricate vintage designs are stunning. 

For Him 
Wedding of Ryan and Rhianne. Photo Adori Studios
Skinny ties and bow ties, suspenders, classically cut suits, smoothed-back hair... sound familiar? Yep, men's 1920s fashion is popping up all around us. If you're beau wants to dress vintage, simply spin him around three times and let him wander off, he's sure to come back dressed for the occasion without even trying. 

Fringe Frenzy 
LeLuxe Clothing
1920s flappers were famous for the delicate fringed hems of their gowns. If this look is too much for your wedding gown, think about getting your bridesmaid's involved. 

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